Foxearth IT Solutions Screen shots of our websites

The screenshots above include past as well as present sites.

Web design services

Ross Burgess, trading as Foxearth IT Solutions, maintains a number of websites, mainly for voluntary groups associated with the LGBT community in Croydon and South London. However he's now largely retired, and not normally looking to take on extra work.

LGBT Social and community groups

Current sites we maintain include the following:

Other voluntary organisations


Some other sites:

  • In 2005, Roger and Ross celebrated their civil partnership on the first day that the law allowed (they later converted it to a marriage).
  • We arranged some re-enactments of ancient church ceremonies for uniting two people of the same sex (archived version).
  • Ross and Peter celebrated their wedding in Falkland in 2019, with a ceremony in Croydon a week later.
  • And Ross is an active contributor to Wikipedia and to the UK LGBT Archive.
 Aurora website (screen shot) GLAM website (screen shot)CHE website (screen shot)LGBT Croydon website (screen shot) Rainbow Reading Group website (screen shot)SLG website (screen shot)  Diverse Performances website (screen shot)Amiable Warriors web page (screen shot) Roger and Ross website (screen shot)Same Sex Unions website (screeen shot)

Previous sites:

Age of Diversity website (screen shot) CAGS website (screen shot)  Silver Rainbow website (screen shot)SLAGO website (screen shot) Bead and sequin embroidery website (screen shot)Out of the Shadows web page (screen shot)  

in 2008, Ross created two social networking sites: and These had 103 and 215 members respectively when they were discontinued in August 2010 as a result of a change in the Ning company's pricing policy. He subsequently assisted with the LGBT London website, maintained by the LGBT Consortium, until this was discontinued through lack of funding.


Some of the above sites have now been taken over by other people, as follows:

  1. Age UK Croydon
  2. Paradise Press
  3. Rainbows Across Borders
  4. UNACC